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4A Energy Advisors LLC provides an experienced, COPAS knowledgeable staff for contract compliance reviews related to:

  • Capital Expenditures (drilling, completion, equipping, etc.)
  • Lease Operating Expenses
  • Vendors/Contractors with Special Emphasis on Land Brokers
  • Revenue/Production Settlements
  • Midstream Operations
  • International Joint Ventures
  • Litigation Support

AMS-PAR conducts more than 250 contract compliance audits annually.  Our goal on each engagement is to recover lost profits and provide a unique insight into your company’s commercial relationships.  Whether performing a joint venture, gas plant, production allocation, or vendor review we ensure our client’s objectives are met and the project is complete.  Our proprietary tools and institutional knowledge allow us to interrogate data differently, thereby uncovering more discrepancies.  AMS-PAR’s extensive relationship with other companies and knowledge of their systems and accounting practices also allows us to complete engagements more efficiently.

Whether your investments are in the deep gulf, onshore, or somewhere around the globe, the AMS-PAR team has the experience to evaluate whether billings, production allocations, or revenues were properly recorded.  Survey results consistently rate our staff and processes above others.  Our professional staff will provide your firm the consistency and higher level of assurance that you deserve from a trusted advisor.

GEI is an independent, global accounting firm offering joint interest and revenue audits, consulting services, internal control reviews, accounting process reviews, out-sourced accounting functions and litigation support to the oil and gas industry since 1991. Our clients consist of companies in every sector of the energy business, including oil and gas exploration and development companies, royalty and overriding royalty owners, gas pipeline companies, gas plant operators, marketing and refining companies, local distribution companies, and trading and transportation companies. GEI has extensive experience in complicated contract compliance revenue audits relating to settlement for and allocation of hydrocarbons, including natural gas, natural gas liquids, LNGs and crude oil. Our experience and knowledge of joint interest expense auditing is extensive, including substantial knowledge of audit issues associated with drilling, completion and lease operating expenses and the chargeability of costs according to the prevailing contracts.  Based on our vast experience, we are confident that we can assist companies in the industry with their oil and gas auditing and accounting needs.

For over 30 years, as an industry leader, Joint Venture Strategic Advisors (JVSA) provides joint venture consulting services in Canada, the United States, and around the globe. JVSA works with companies in the energy industry including: oil and gas, chemicals, utilities, and power generation sectors.

We work with you to handle all aspects of your joint venture agreements to run a smooth and successful operation. We specialize in joint venture auditing (LOE and capital) and accounting, production/revenue audits, consulting and advisory services, vendor compliance using our proprietary software, dispute resolution and litigation support. Additionally, we provide assistance with agreement writing, setting up accounting programs, in-house clean-up projects, and EnergyLink dispute clean-up and much more.

Visit for more information.

Employee-owned since 1982 with more than 220+ combined years of experience, Martindale has always been and remain THE specialty consulting company focused on:

Oil and Gas Audit Services

  • Joint Interest
  • Revenue/Royalty
  • Construction/Major Capital Projects
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • International

Litigation Support

  • Expert Reports
  • Mediation, Arbitration, and Trial Expertise
  • Certified in Numerous State and Federal Courts

Special Projects

  • Agreement Negotiations
  • Agreement Consulting
  • Internal Reviews

Accounting and Outsourcing

  • JIB processing and revenue distribution
  • Operated and Non-Operated Property Services
  • Financial Analysis

Regulatory Reporting, Severance, and Ad Valorem Tax

  • ONRR Consulting
  • Unbundling Services
  • State and Federal Reporting

Our strength is our people; we utilize our employees to balance experience with youthful problem-solvers.  We cultivate a continuous learning environment paired with experienced leadership, resulting in long-term employees that are passionate about the work we do and the clients we serve.  This produces outstanding client results and creates successful long-term relationships.  Our project managers provide a continuous point-of-contact for our clients and “cradle-to-grave” updates throughout our projects.

Joint Venture Audit  |  Vendor Audit  |  Vendor Compliance  |  EHS Site Safety

myComplianceManager™ (myCM™) is a cloud-based compliance and audit solution built for simplicity, speed, security and collaboration.

For COPAS professionals, myCM offers flexible features to accommodate the needs of Operators, Non-operators, Vendor managers and Auditors. myCM streamlines the Information Request process so Fieldwork can be completed in less time.  Automated Date Tracking enables timely audit resolution. myCM’s built-in Dashboard Analytics help our clients gain insights from past audits.  For Joint Venture and now Vendor audits myCM can be used to:

  • Track monetary claims across global currencies
  • View Audit insights and trends with Dashboard Analytics
  • Collaborate and resolve Information Requests with myCM’s automated workflow
  • Manage your Exceptions and Rebuttals with ease
  • Never miss another due date with Date Tracking
  • Generate Audit Reports with one click
  • Perform Multi-Property audits with JADE integration
  • Share data with myCM Partners using Audit Sync
  • Create dynamic links from myCM to Power BI and Tableau
  • Acclaimed customer service

Visit to learn more about these systems or our other GRC tools for SOx, Enterprise Risk Management, Anti-Corruption and more.

PakEnergy is America’s End-to-End Independent, Upstream, Midstream Business Automation Leader!

PakEnergy Oil and Gas Software makes your job easier through smart integrations and automation, which gives you more time to focus on the bottom line.

About Pak Energy

The Pak offers best-in-class, cloud-based solutions business software for independent oil & gas upstream and midstream companies, including E&P operators, crude oil purchasers, transporters, haulers, investors and accounting firms. Founded in 1986 as WolfePak Software and headquartered in Abilene, Texas, PakEnergy serves over 2,000 customers, primarily in North America.  With its staff of experienced software developers, land management experts, and oil & gas accounting professionals, PakEnergy automates the most complex business processes, reduces operating costs, save time, and increases profitability while providing customers with reporting, analytics, and decision support systems that were once exclusive to the major integrated oil companies.

Land | Production | Accounting | Transportation. The Pak Has Your Back! For more information and demos, please visit

PCS and its predecessor firm have provided domestic and international joint venture and related review services since 1984.

PDX (formerly PDI) has delivered quality Continuing Professional Education to the energy business for four decades.  PDX Energy provides high quality, affordable trainings when and where you need it.  Each of our program instructors is a “been there/done that” professional with outstanding industry knowledge coming from decades of industry experience.  All instructors have the skills to communicate, at any level, the material your employees need to be more effective.  Explore our array of programs covering Fundamentals, Petroleum Accounting, Joint Interest, Expense Side, Revenue, and Tax.  Find the title and delivery mode that best suits your needs.

Established in 2019, Safire Oil and Gas Consulting specializes in Severance Tax Reviews targeting exemptions, deductions, and incentive opportunities; while additionally offering our clients canned and customized Training through our online Safire University.  Here at Safire, we strongly feel the solution is NOT the Severance Tax refund….The solution is finding the REASON for the refund.   If the focus is only about the refund, you will never fix THE REAL PROBLEM.

Safire’s team has over 70 years combined of Industry Revenue Regulatory experience and an average of 10 years in related consulting.  We draw on our vast combined experiences to deliver best in class services with a fresh approach designed to meet the needs of today’s Oil & Gas Industry. Safire is based in Houston, Texas, and is a Certified Woman Owned Small Business.

SherWare is an oil and gas accounting software company that helps operators, non-operators and joint ventures track their distributions, joint interest billings and investments.

We pride ourselves on making oil and gas accounting easy, and yes, we’ve been around a long time (more than 25 years). If we learned anything with COVID, it was that the oil and gas industry needs to be flexible.

It’s why we offer full-service migration from other platforms, let you directly import all of your data into the software, let you only add the features you actually need and do it all for one flat, monthly rate, with no surprises. There are no annual fees. We have top-notch customer support and the software is so easy to use, we could teach your kid (or grandkid, no joke!).  — and we’re the only software on the market that can integrate with your QuickBooks company.

Not only do we handle everything you’d expect and oil and gas distribution software to manage, but we also allow you to directly import data into the software, have more than 300+ built-in reports, and the ability to create any custom report you can dream up. We have direct deposit for all owners, online reporting so you can go paperless and the ability to run multiple distributions at the same time.  On average it takes 34 days to get a new client converted and up and running on our software, plus we give you the option to spread your investment out over monthly payments instead of all up front.

Curious if it’s a good fit for you? Check out our free demo here and see all the features and pricing for yourself.

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Networking is so important. It will help with your job and career, and you will gain knowledge you can’t get sitting at a desk. The people in COPAS have mentored me, answered questions for me, and genuinely cared about me and my family.

Melissa Gruenewald
Rating: 5

COPAS has great learning opportunities, leadership opportunities, and ways to develop relationships with other accountants and oil and gas professionals. You will work hard when you get involved, but the experiences, people and benefits will be worth it.

Melissa Gruenewald
Rating: 5

For anyone searching for energy knowledge, professional industry contacts, peers with whom to discuss similar dilemmas, and access to energy experts—COPAS is the place to be!

Carolyn Sczepanski
Rating: 5
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COPAS provides expertise for the oil and gas industry through the development of Model Form Accounting Procedures, publications, and education. We are a forum for the active exchange of ideas which result in innovative business and accounting solutions.


P.O. Box 21272
Wichita, KS 67208
Tel: 303-300-1131

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COPAS provides expertise for the oil and gas industry through the development of Model Form Accounting Procedures, publications, and education. We are a forum for the active exchange of ideas which result in innovative business and accounting solutions.


P.O. Box 21272
Wichita, KS 67208
Tel: 303-300-1131

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